The Brazilian Congress of Biomechanics (BCB) is the official event of the Brazilian Society of Biomechanics held every 2 years to promote a space for interaction and discussion between those interested in Biomechanics in order to develop the area. Biomechanics plays a leading role in the evolution of Sciences related to human body.
Within the advancement of sciences, scientific and academic meetings allow the information exchange among researchers,as well as academics and professionals in general.
The organization of scientific events is part of the actions expected for the development of scientific and technological research in Brazil, especially in the Amazon State. The XVIII Brazilian Congress of Biomechanics will bring the biomechanics community to discuss the current and future direction of the biomechanics and contribute to the qualification of the personal working with biomechanics and related areas.
In this way, a meeting of such magnitude and relevance of the Brazilian Congress of Biomechanics in our region will provide information dissemination, as well as of the area,one of the objectives outlined by the Brazilian Society of Biomechanics.

Here is the history of the Brazilian Congress of Biomechanics previous editions:

Veja abaixo o histórico do Congresso Brasileiro de Biomecânica!

I Encontro Nacional de Docentes de Cinesiologia e Biomecânica – Porto Alegre, 1988

II Encontro Nacional de Docentes de Cinesiologia e Biomecânica – Pelotas, 1989

III Congresso Nacional de Biomecânica – Juiz de Fora, 1991

IV Congresso Nacional de Biomecânica – São Paulo, 1992

V Congresso Brasileiro de Biomecânica – Santa Maria, 1993

VI Congresso Brasileiro de Biomecânica – Brasília, 1995

VII Congresso Brasileiro de Biomecânica – Campinas, 1997

VIII Congresso Brasileiro de Biomecânica – Florianópolis, 1999

IX Congresso Brasileiro de Biomecânica – Gramado, 2001

X Congresso Brasileiro de Biomecânica – Ouro Preto, 2003

XI Congresso Brasileiro de Biomecânica – João Pessoa, 2005

XII Congresso Brasileiro de Biomecânica – Rio Claro, 2007

XIII Congresso Brasileiro de Biomecânica – São Paulo, 2009

XIV Congresso Brasileiro de Biomecânica – Ribeirão Preto, 2011

XV Congresso Brasileiro de Biomecânica – Natal, 2013 – clique aqui para realizar o download dos anais do evento

XVI Congresso Brasileiro de Biomecânica – Florianópolis, 2015 – clique aqui para realizar o download dos anais do evento

XVII Congresso Brasileiro de Biomecânica – Porto Alegre, 2017 – clique aqui para realizar o download dos anais do evento

National Biomechanics Day is a world-wide celebration of Biomechanics in its many forms for high school students and teachers. We are following our hugely successful 2016 to 2018 NBD events in which over 20,000 students and nearly 800 teachers around the world participated in fun and fabulous biomechanics events.  We ask all biomechanists, really every biomechanist, to volunteer for and participate in NBD. You can see fabulous photos and read about our previous NBDs were by CLICKING HERE. We acknowledge all the participants in 2019!

Registration for NBD 2020 will come soon!

Every year the Brazilian Society of Biomechanics promotes Winter Schools of Biomechanics. Applications for funding of projects with the purpose of promote a Winter School of Biomechanics in the year of 2019 are now open! Click here to download the application guidelines and click here to download the template for application.

Todo ano a SBB promove escolas de inverno de biomecânica. Propostas de atividades para Escola de Inverno de Biomecânica em 2019 já podem ser submetidas! Clique aqui para ler o edital e clique aqui para acessar o formulário de inscrição.

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